Sourdough Breads

Sourdough Breads

All Our Breads Are

• Sourdough
• Made From European Flours
• Unbleached Wholemeal Flours
• Lower In Gluten
• Preservative Free

• No Artificial Colours and Flavours
• No Sugar, Dairy Free, Vegan
• Low GI

• Recommended By Dieticians

Crusty (1000g)

One of our rye-mix sourdough bestseller has a crunchy crust on the outside while staying soft on the inside. Perfect for anything.

Crusty - Rye Sourdough
Crusty – Rye Sourdough

Pure Rye Loaf (1000g)

This pure rye box bread is a moist yet denser loaf that is the perfect toast size. Goes perfect with cheese or salmon.
Pure Rye - Sourdough
Pure Rye – Rye Sourdough

World Champion (750g)

This multigrain wholemeal loaf is made from unbleached wheat flour sprinkled with poppy, sesame and sunflower kernels.
World Champion - Wheat Sourdough
World Champion – Wheat Sourdough

Mixed Wheat Loaf (1000g)

A wheat-mixed sourdough bread made from unbleached flour.

Mixed Wheat Loaf – Wheat Sourdough

Mixed Rye Loaf (1000g)

A rye-mixed sourdough bread, perfect for sandwiches.

Mixed Rye Sourdough
Mixed Rye Loaf – Rye Sourdough

Wholemeal Box Loaf (780g)

A moist wholemeal rye bread with 10% sunflower kernels. Almost like a pumpernickel, but without the artificial flavour. Scandinavians love it!

Wholemeal Box - Rye Sourdough
Wholemeal Box – Rye Sourdough

Spelt Sourdough (1000g)

Wholemeal bread made from spelt flour only.

Pure Spelt Bread
Pure Spelt Bread

Protein Loaf (500g)

This unique bread with a rye-sourdough base is low in carbohydrates (substituting wheat flour with soya and malt flour) and high protein due to the soy flour and sunflower, sesame and flax seeds.
Soy Linseed Protein Bread
Soy Linseed Protein Bread

Grain Crust (750g)

A delicious rye-mix sourdough loaf packed with grains and seeds. Its roasted malt addition gives it its distinctive flavour.
Grain Crust – Rye Mixed Sourdough